A tomato greenhouse in Switserland

  • Land: Switserland
  • Crop: Tomatoes
  • Irrigation system: Drip irrigation
  • Surface area: 4888 m2

About this project

A greenhouse for tomatoes in Switserland. This greenhouse is a small one, it covers 4888 m2. They use a drip irrigation system on growgutters. There also are a active ventilation system and growlight system installed. To realise this Avant Projects has supplied the following:

  • Electro technical panels.
  • Electro technical materials and the necessary installation materials.
  • Growlight installation.
  • Growlight panels.
greenhouse with tomatoes
growlight panel under growgutter

To ensure that this project would be brought to a good end we engineered the electrical and growlight systems on the most detailed level in our CAD and BIM software packages. This gave us a very clear picture through the use of 3D drawings. We also provided a comprehensive drawings and digging plan package to help realizing this project. The supervision and installation of these systems was done by Avant Projects.

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