The perfect technical partner for greenhouse builders

Not just draftsmen

While engineering is one of our biggest services we provide, it is by no means the only one. We offer a wide range of services to ensure you get and keep the best installations for horticulture.

engineering services

We provide complete packages in which everything within our scope is engineered out. All you have to do is order and install it.

Projects services

We do everything from calculating the requirements to engineering and even installation if desired.

Unit building services

We have a wide range of units that we can supply and build as standard. We can also design a custom-made unit to meet all your requirements.

Panel building services

We engineer and build electrical switch panels for the horticultural industry.

Supervision services

If desired, we can also supervise your project. In doing so, we can oversee and support the installation.

service services

We also provide a variety of services. This includes maintenance, repair, troubleshooting or replacements.

active ventialtion

Why Avant?

We are the ideal technical partner for the horticultural industry. We can provide effective and quality support to companies without an in-house engineering department. But we can also engineer complete projects for the greenhouse builder who does not work in this himself.


Extensive knowledge of BIM and CAD software


Lots of experience in many different countries


Lots of experience with various crops


Very Flexible


Tailor-made solutions


One-stop shop for horticultural installations

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