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After sales

Even after the project has been delivered or has been running for a while, you can still expect service from us. For example, do you need a drawing that gives just that little bit more detail about a difficult part of your installation? Then we can make them for you. Or does a unit no longer run as before? Then our experts will talk you through the solution from a distance. Should that still not provide the solution, we can schedule a service/maintenance moment.

Repairs & replacements

We can of course supply replacement equipment for all the horticultural disciplines we supply should anything break or need replacing. Or, of course, as a precautionary reserve. In case you can’t manage it yourself during the repair or replacement of this part, we will support you from a distance. Should this not provide the solution, we can schedule a service/maintenance time.

Breakdown service & maintenance

A breakdown is never fun. That is why we have in-house experts who can fix malfunctions of horticultural equipment. Together we will schedule a time as soon as possible to come and fix this fault. You can also come to us for annual maintenance of your equipment.

Drawing package engineering

Avant service.

Even after a project is completed, we are still at your service. Whether it is a repair, spare part, breakdown or annual maintenance. We stand by our customers.


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