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We design and build all our panels in our own workshop. For example, we make the panels for our own units here, but also switch or control panels for other applications within the horticultural industry. Here you can think of main or sub-distributors or, for example, switch cabinets for assimilation lighting.

Main distribution panels

To distribute the transformed power a Main distribution panel (MDP) is used to divide the electrical power into subsidiary distribution circuits. It is a high current power distributor and for every transformer substation a MDP will need to be installed.

Main distribution panel building
Sub distribution panel building

Sub distribution panel

The sub-distribution panels (SDP) are responsible for the power distribution from the MDP into subsidiary circuits providing a protective device for each circuit in a common enclosure. A SDP usually serves also as power supply for all the Irrigation, Boiler Room, and service area equipment.

Central panel

The central panel is an electrical switch cabinet that divides the incoming electrical power into subsidiary circuits providing power supply, protection, and central control devices for all components and needed utilities in the greenhouse such as ventilation and screening motors. It is called Central Panel because the location is usually central for all the devices that need to be connected. The central panels are often directly connected to the SDP’s.

Central panel building
Heating panel building

Heating panel

The heating panel(s) can be found in the greenhouse along the gables and are usually mounted in the middle of the section nearby the heating mixing group. This Panel is connected to the CP and is responsible for the power feed of the nearby heating pumps and components as roof washer and gable screen panels avoiding the need of big number of cables between the CP and the furthest components saving costs and labour time.

Heating panel Boiler room

The heating panel boiler-room is a control cabinet that will provide protection, and control devices for all the necessary pumps and heating control equipment in the boiler room.

Heating panel boiler room panel building
Gable screen panel building

Gable screen panel

The gable screen panel(s) provides the power supply of the gable screen motors, being able to feed up to 3 gable-motors at the time. It also have special designed circuits to monitor and guard the gable screens to efficiently and secure stop the motors when the screens have reached the limit switches or when the motor reach the emergency contacts. The GSP can be found in the greenhouse along the gables and are mounted between the first and second girder.

Grow light panel

Our Grow Light Panels (GLP) are specially designed and custom made for every project. They guarantee the best protection for the grow lights and precisely adapted to the necessities of the project. The panels are designed in a long slim form and mounted in a manner that the shadowing on the crops is minimized. With our panels every control is possible, from sequenced switching (checkers board) to dimming including colour spectrum adjustment (depending on the lamp).

Grow licht panel building
Panel building

Avant switch & control cabinets.

Our switch & control cabinets are designed and built with the highest quality components. Some of our cabinets are standardized but most are specially designed for each project. This allows us to ensure that the quality remains high and it can perform its application well. With all our panels, we supply the electrical diagrams and layout drawings in the cabinet.


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