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Avant Projects brings people and technology together

Company culture

Employing around 10 people, we are a small-scale, personal organisation. This allows us to move quickly with each other and achieve major projects together. Anything you want to know? Then just step up to your colleague. His or her door is always open to you. The atmosphere at Avant Projects is informal and personal. We are genuinely interested in each other and happy to help each other out. Together, we work on the growth of our company as well as your personal growth.

Project manager

From design to production and commissioning of the water and electricity facilities, you are responsible for the project you have taken charge of. We work for horticultural companies around the world. So the greenhouse you will be working for might be in Canada or Japan. Most of the development of the technical climate systems takes place at our company in De Lier, which is also your home base. As project coordinator, you take the lead in the project. Beforehand, you establish the frameworks of the project: engineering, production, planning, budget and capacity. You monitor and guarantee the progress of the project, in coordination with other departments, such as sales, purchasing and logistics. You also engage external suppliers in time. Together with all the links in the project, you bring the project to success.

Work planner

As a work planner, you get to largely define your role yourself. Depending on your expertise, interest and ambition. Fundamentally, you will be responsible for preparing an order until the project is assembled. You will design the control diagrams of the switchboards for the electrical supplies we supply to the horticultural sector. What else will you be doing? That’s up to you. You can take an active role in the actual assembly of the switchgear cabinets you have designed. Or maybe you prefer to be involved in preparing calculations. Both are possible and allowed! Either way, as a work planner, you will work closely with the project manager. Together, you flesh out project and production planning.

Electrical & water technology engineer

As a driven technician, you play an important role in the development of our technical solutions. You will design and produce technical drawings in 2D and 3D. In it, you translate customer requirements into technical specifications. Your main focus is the content of the project: coming up with and working out the best solution. You won’t do this alone, but together with the project team. Together, you work in a planned and structured way to find the best technical solution for the customer. You will prepare the electrical schematics for the control cabinets and support the design of control solutions of water and UV units. Everything you do is recorded in technical documentation of the project.

Assembly worker

No assembly line work, but a technical challenge every time. As an assembly worker, you transform your colleagues’ technical drawings into functioning products. You do so within the set conditions, with the desired quality, within the time allowed and within the set budget. As an assembly worker at Avant Projects, you think along within the big picture: what can be done even better next time? You discuss this with your supervisor. This is how we work together to continuously improve our products.

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