Avant Projects

Effective technical solutions for an optimal crop

The result that counts

A smart technical climate solution in greenhouse horticulture can be recognised not only by an innovative idea or technology, but also by the result. Avant Projects devises and develops effective technical solutions that do what they are required : to create the optimum climate and get the most out of a crop.

Broad knowledge and experience

At Avant Projects we possess broad knowledge of various crops in the greenhouse horticulture sector. From a myriad of vegetables and fruit, to ornamental and potted plants. We also have extensive experience in various countries with different climates and environmental factors. The type of crop, climate outside the greenhouse, as well as the type of greenhouse determine the fine-tuning of water, electricity and heat to create an optimum climate. With every project we ask ourselves the question: “what does this crop require in order to grow and flower optimally, for a high-quality crop and maximum production?” Each project receives a tailored answer to this question, with a customised technical solution.

A selection of our projects

Greenhouse Irrigation


Electrotechnical Solutions

We bring man and technology together

Innovation is not in technology alone, but in the people who invent, develop and apply technology. We listen, observe and ask critical questions before rolling up our sleeves. The content and composition of the irrigation system, the temperature regulation and the electrical installation varies every time. The goal, on the other hand, is always the same: to create the optimum climate and get the most out of the crop.