A lattuce greenhouse in Japan.

  • Land: Japan
  • Crop: Lettuce
  • Irrigation system: Ebbflow system
  • Surface area: 5,14 ha

About this project

A greenhouse for lettuce in Japan. This greenhouse has a surface area of 5,14 ha. Cultivation is done through an automatic roll table system. To realize this Avant Projects has delivered the following:

  • A comprehensive drawings package for water technical installation.
  • A extensive drawing package of the electrical technical installation.
  • A comprehensive drawings package for the excavation plan.
  • Pipe work and installation materials.
  • Electro technical materials and the necessary installation materials.
  • Electro technical panels.
greenhouse with water basin

In this project Avant Projects delivered the complete electrical installation, switch panels, UV disinfection units, a rain water basin, pipe works and a comprehensive drawings package. The drawings package was made by using multiple CAD and BIM software packages. This drawings package exists of detailed drawing of how the pipe works run through the ground, how the ground cabling and above ground cables had to be done, where cable trays needed to be installed and we even incorporated systems of 3rd parties who did not have acces to CAD or BIM software into our own package. This way a clear picture was made in 3D software in which our client could view the whole project in 3D and also use that as support for the 2D drawings that are used in the field during construction.

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