A lettuce greenhouse in America.

  • Land: America
  • Crop: Lettuce
  • Irrigaton system: Ebb&flow system
  • Surface area: 2,36 ha

About this project

A greenhouse for lettuce in America. This greenhouse has an area of 2,36 ha. This greenhouse will be realised in 2 phases, phase 1 has recently been completed and phase 2 is being developed. Cultivation is done by means of an automatic roller table system. To realise this Avant Projects has supplied the following:

  • A extensive drawing package of the electrical technical installation.
  • Electro technical materials and the necessary installation materials.
  • Electro technical panels.
  • Growlight installation.
  • Climate computer.
  • LBK panels.
  • All electrical cables.
Working drawings
Growlight panel

For this project we engineered and delivered the electrical installation, the growlight installation and the climate computer. We also provided supervision during installing of these systems. To deliver and engineer these systems as complete as possible we provided an extensive drawing package from mutiple CAD and BIM software packages. We also engineered, build and deliverd all needed electro technical panels.

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