A tomato greenhouse with experimental greenhouse in China.

  • Land: China
  • Crop: Tomatoes
  • Irrigation system: Drip irrigation
  • Surface area: 7,84 ha + 5040 m2

About this project

A greenhouse for tomatoes in China. This greenhouse exists of two separate greenhouses, one for commercial purpose of 7,84 hA and the other for experimental purpose of 5040m2. To be able to realise this we engineered two completely stand alone systems. However, these can be linked together via a bypass system should there be a problem with one of the systems. To realise this Avant Projects has supplied the following:

  • Mixing tank units, to mix the desired irrigation water.
  • UV unit’s, to desinfect the returning drain water and the fresh water supply.
  • A neutralizer unit with heat exchanger, to break down bicarbonate from the rainwater and keep the water at the desired temperature.
  • Rainwater unit, for pumping rainwater from the basin to the fresh water silo and filtering it.
  • A/B tanks, to be able to prepare batches of the desired fertilizers.
  • Underground tanks, to store the returning drain water.
  • Valvesets, for selecting the irrigation zone.
  • Water silo’s, for storing water.
  • Rainwater bain liner, to construct a basin to hold the collected rainwater.
  • Electro technical panels.
  • Electro technical materials and the necessary installation materials.
  • Sensors, to measure and regulate systems in the greenhouse.
Technical drawings

All units for this project that we supplied were engineered and build by us. This way we can ensure that all the needs of our customers are met with the highest standards. For instance for this project we designed special valveset that housed all valves from the greenhouse on a stainless steel frame. This way it could be placed in the service area so that if a malfunction occured, the grower does not need to get all the way out to the greenhouse but can easily acces all valves at the same place. For the electrical system we drew an extensive cable plan detailing how everything was contected and wich sensor to place where.

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