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Avant Projects designs and builds all of its water technical units itself. These are assembled and built entirely to the customer’s requirements. Our units are equipped with control panels made by ourselves. Because we use a standardised basic design for our units, we can produce the entire unit in our own workshop in a relatively short time. This way, the water technical unit only needs to be connected on site.

Mixing tank unit Expert series

Our fertigation unit, Mixing tank unit Expert is an excellent choice for mixing irrigation water in any type of greenhouse. It works by mixing the fertilizers and acid and/or lye with fresh water in a mixing tank. The amount of dosing channels is adjustable to your liking and needs. The MTU Expert is our top range product and has been engineered with that in mind. Every component that is used in the expert series is of the highest quality. This ensures a very reliable and very durable fertigation unit.

Water technical mixing tank unit
Water technical mixing tank unit lite

Mixing tank unit Lite series

Our fertigation unit, Mixing tank unit Lite is an excellent choice for mixing irrigation water in any type of greenhouse. It works by mixing the fertilizers and acid and/or lye with fresh water in a mixing tank. The amount of dosing channels is adjustable to your liking and needs. The MTU Lite has been engineered with the intensity of keeping it as compact and versatile as possible. This resulted in a very affordable substitute to its bigger counter part of the MTU Expert series.

Rainwater pump unit

Our rainwater pump unit is designed pump water from a basin to a water silo of your choosing. It can be equipped with valves for a sand bed filter and even the send bed filter itself. The stainless steel pump is equipped with a self priming kit so that it ensures that the pump will not overheat while its sucking up water from the basin to the pump.

Water technical rainwater pump unit
Water technical neutralizer unit

Neutralizer unit

Our Neutralizer unit is a great solution to break down the Bicarbonate buffer of your fresh water supply. Be it rain, well, or any other type of water our neutralizer is equipped with the means to de-harden your water. It can be installed to run over a silo to ensure that the bicarbonate buffer is always broken down, or directly take in water from the source before pumping it to a silo. It is also optional to equip our neutralizer with a heat-exchanger to make sure that your water is always at a nice temperature for your plants.

Drain pit unit

Our drain pit unit is a great solution for collection drain return water from the greenhouse. It can be dug into the ground, this creates a product that can even be installed underneath growing gutters. With its submersible pump it creates a compact solution which is completely within the pit itself.

Water technical drain pit unit
Measuring channel

Measuring channel

Our measuring channel is a simple solution that can be used in many situations. Whether it is return pipe water that you want to measure in flow rate and EC value, or irrigation water that you want to know everything about. We offer two different types of measuring channels, a stand-alone unit or an inline variant. The inline variant can be mounted onto any filling line of water silo and the stand-alone version can be placed anywhere it’s needed.

Booster unit

Our hydrophore, the booster unit is a compact and simple design. Because of its “one-size fits all” type of design it can be used in any type of greenhouse. The outlet diameter is interchangeable to suit the distance the water needs to travel in your greenhouse.

Water technical booster unit
Water technical pump unit

Pump unit

Our pump unit is designed to be versatile and flexible. With its considerable range of options it can be engineered to your specific needs and likings. Because of its modular frame the amount of systems you want to be in one frame is near limitless.

Fertilizer tanks

Our fertilizer, acid and lye tanks are designed to create a good and homogeneous mixing of your fertilizers, acid and lye. The agitators on the fertilizer tanks are controlled by a control panel mounted on the frames of the tanks. There is a choice of panel placement on the left, right or none.

Fertilizer tanks
Water silo

Water silos

Our water silos are engineered to fit any purpose for storing water. They are designed in a way that multiple inlets or outlets can be fitted to suit your needs. With the wide range of volumes (standard up to 596m3, and on request up to 1711m3) it can placed into any type of situation and any scale of greenhouse.

Watertechnical units
drawing to render unit

Avant units.

Our units are designed with care and attention. As a result, all of our units are of high quality. Not only do we consider what the functionality of the unit is, but also usability, shape, maintainability and affordability. We can also supply our units with sensors for all computer systems. This makes our units compatible with any computer system.


Very user-friendly


Easy to maintain


Compatible with all computer systems


High quality components


Also possible to customize


Very affordable

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