Internship Electrical engineering

Internship assignment

In the position of intern, you will receive an internship assignment from us related to our electrical installation of our projects. This can vary from practical implementation of panels or installations to creating a design or working out a technical project. With the help of our electrical engineers, you will work on your internship assignment. In doing so, they will help, coach and support you.

Job requirements intern

  • Both MBO and HBO interns are welcome
  • Interested in the technical installation of the horticultural industry
  • Interested in electrical engineering drawings and cable calculations
  • Good command of the Dutch and/or English language
  • Interested in working with packages such as SEE-electrical, Caneco and/or Intelek
  • Good social and communication skills
  • Enterprising, proactive and independent attitude
  • No-nonsense mentality
  • Driven and the ‘will’ to perform
  • Teamplayer

About Avant Projects

Avant Projects is a creative, no-nonsense company in the Westland region. Avant Projects supplies complete water and electricity supplies for the horticultural industry worldwide. From design, engineering and production to on-site commissioning. In other words, ‘a complete know-how in a small but powerful and dynamic company!’ There is currently room for expansion in the team at Avant Projects, which is why we are looking for you to join the team.

What Avant Projects can offer you

  • An internship allowance appropriate to your level of education
  • A people-oriented dynamic company with a no-nonsense culture
  • A flat organisational structure with short lines of communication
  • Working in a close-knit, flexible and energetic team
  • Opportunity to progress to a permanent job

Want more information or apply?

Do you have any questions about the job opening and/or position? Or do you recognize yourself in the description and dare to take up this challenge? Then contact us.