Greenhouse irrigation

The irrigation unit is at the heart of the water technical system in every greenhouse. Why? Because the right amount and the best quality of water is vital for the cultivation course of crops. Avant Projects designs, produces and installs custom made irrigation solutions in greenhouses.

Greenhouse irrigation options

  1. Overhead irrigation (sprinklers)
  2. Tidal flooding systems
  3. Drip irrigation

Avant Irrigation Unit

The type of crop determines the best irrigation course. Precise application of water and nutrients is critical to good crop performance. The Avant Irrigation Unit ensures that crops are provided with the correct fertilizers at every watering. This establishes optimum growth, higher yields, improved colour and flavour, longer shelf life and increased disease resistance. The Avant Irrigation Unit is the ideal fertilizer dosing system for any type of crop no matter the size.

Sufficient water storage

A large water supply is also essential to guarantee the continuity in the water emission. Avant Projects not only offers irrigation units but also designs the whole system surrounding this unit including the water storage. This is important because the efficient use of water is environmentally friendly and most of all reduces costs.

Storage options include

  • Water storage silos
  • Water basins
  • Underground water storage

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