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Horticulture technology is changing at an astonishing rate. So stay ahead of your competition by constantly modernising and developing techniques to improve the cultivation, growing and harvesting of crops. Avant Projects, based in the Netherlands, is a leading company in the horticulture technology industry. We help customers with greenhouse engineering, designing and building challenges.

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Avant Projects helps companies like yours realise their greenhouse dreams by utilising 25 years of experience in the industry and the newest innovations in the field of horticulture technology. These techniques are internationally recognised and include:

The new way of heating your greenhouse

Heating any room costs energy and money. Therefore, it is important to insulate your greenhouse well and make sure that you use a sustainable and durable manner of heating the space in which you cultivate your produce. Avant Projects’ way of heating a greenhouse with modern horticulture technology is by using a central hot water system.

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Undertaking a labour-intensive project like equipping a greenhouse with the right electro-technical solutions is no easy task. Call upon experienced experts for help. We make sure that, together with our knowledge and your vision, we will finish your greenhouse and make it environmentally sound. Call us at +31 174 528 100.

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