Electrotechnical solutions

The most advanced technology within the current horticulture complex is electrotechnology. Avant Projects designs and realizes complete electrical installations and process computers and advises you on the many possibilities that are available. Avant Projects creates platforms that integrate all technical systems and also produce state of the art water management systems.

The process computer

The heart of a horticulture complex is the process computer. It connects all the systems in your greenhouse and provides them with power. It monitors things such as:

  • Greenhouse temperature
  • Greenhouse climate
  • Functioning of the boiler
  • Cogeneration scheme
  • Water emission
  • Greenhouse lighting and blackout screening
  • CO2

In addition, the process computer must be able to determine whether an increase in production can be realised that establishes a greater return, on the basis of the target values, compared to the cost price of energy and means of productions.

Last but not least, the measurements of all values that are relevant for cultivation are registered by the process computer. The history of these details offers a wealth of information which can be used in your organisation.

Avant Projects specialises in designing and supplying complete custom made electrotechnical installations. Do you want to discuss what Avant Projects can do for your horticultural projects? Please get in touch via +31 174 528 100 or send an email to info@avantprojects.nl.